Ten (10) Phonegap Demo Apps with Source Code

Date: 2015-05-14

For those unaware, I've been busy the last few months helping my parents move from California to Texas. In the meantime, among other things I have created 10+ Phonegap Apps1, each of which uses at least one Phonegap core APIs. In addition all the Apps run in Android and iOS devices - within the restraints of the devices 2.

Other goals for these apps:

These Phonegap Apps are both demos and tutorials. At this point, the apps are operational, but are far from perfect. Over the last few days I have added some changes that give the apps a more professional appearance.


Accelerometer App

Network App

Contacts App

Device App

The Changes

Those changes include:

The following changes still need to be made:

Future projects scheduled for release are:



  1. http://codesnippets.altervista.org/examples/phonegap/demos/PUBLIC.Apps.html
  2. Some devices do not have the hardware needed for an API, ie. compass.
  3. After iOS7 a change was made to make system status bar transparent. This cause a program to display over the system status bar.