Three (3) Phonegap Build Boilerplates for For Android and iOS

Original Post Date: 2015-06-19
Update: 2015-08-14
Last Update: 2016-04-21

NOTICE: This tutorial will be replace before May 1, 2016. New requirements to Google Android require changes with this boilerplate. Namely, you need to use at least cli-5.1.1

The three boilerplates is the source code for bare-bones generic Apps. Once compiled, you can install the Android version, but the iOS version requires the UUID from your device.

  1. Boilerplate - A generic boilerplate for constructing PhonegapApps

    This is the bare bones you-build-everything from scratch boilerplate.

  2. Boilerplate2 - A generic boilerplate for constructing PhonegapApps with fastclick.js and zepto.js

    This version includes fastclick, to remove the 300ms delay inherent to Android apps, and zetpo, a light-weight alternative to jquery. In addition, images, css & javascript files are store in their respective directories.

  3. NEW Boilerplate3 - A generic boilerplate for constructing PhonegapApps with Andrdoid and iOS extensions

    This version is similar to Boilerplate2, with one exception – it has extensions for Android and iOS. To be clear, certain things, such as background operations, require special configurations that is uncommon for most Apps. This boilerplate addresses uncommon, but doable, configurations for Phonegap Apps.

  4. Boilerplate5 - A generic boilerplate for constructing PhonegapApps with fastclick.js, zepto.js, cli-5.1.1, and crosswalk

    This version has additions to the config.xml; cli-5.1.1, which uses the latest individual platform versions (See Phonegap Build Blog for details), and crosswalk, an popular alternative webview engine for Android.

Required files

Phonegap build requires three (3) files for building an App. This boilerplate has the two (2) of the required files, index.html and config.xml. The third file, cordova.js, is added by Phonegap Build. This file will be placed in the same directory as your index.html. If you want a specific version of cordova.js, you can include that specific version in your uploaded bundle.

Additional descriptions for each boilerplate is included in their respective README.


These buttons are included with all the boilerplates. They are NOT required.

The buttons, created by Alex Wolfe and Rob Levin, are highly customizable production ready mobile web and desktop css button library. Buttons (package) is a free open source project created using Sass. You can the latest version of Buttons at the website, or clone from github.