(Official) Messages from Phonegap Build Technical Support in the Forum

Last Update: 2015-09-24

Around 2015-08-01, I went back through 90+days of message on the forum. I looked specifically for those messages that where technical support as the original poster. As such, these are "official updates" that likely should have been on the blog, but were instead posted to the support forum. You can see all the posted updates at this link.

Gradle support enabled for Android builds

Default PhoneGap version is now cli-5.2.0

PhoneGap Build iOS 9 Support Status

PhoneGap 5.2.0 is now available on Build!

[BLOG] Cordova iOS 4.0.0 and WKWebView support

PhoneGap Push Plugin Updates

Opening the System browser from your PhoneGap app.

Notes for upgrading to cli-5.1.1 on PGB

BarcodeScanner Plugin Updated to 2.2.0

Adding supported languages to your iPhone app on Build

Debug Not Working [debug.build.phonegap.com]

Github Login Deprecation - Follow Up

Blackberry, Symbian, and WebOS will not be supported by PhoneGap 3.0

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