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Date: 2015-02-04

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Simple Arduino LED Projects

Simple LED Projects using Arduino
  1. Blinking Two LED’s using arduino
  2. Control LED using a Push button switch
  3. Toggle an LED using Push button switch
  4. Toggle 2 LED’s using a Push button switch

Arduino Basics Projects Page

10 Simple-But-Fun Projects to Make With Arduino
John Boxall, author of the new book Arduino Workshop, shares a few of the projects from his book on how to get started with the microcontroller.
Tutorial 10: Ten Arduino Projects for Absolute Beginners
This tutorial features ten Arduino Projects for absolute beginners. The projects have been selected from the Arduino IDE built in examples, so no code needs to be downloaded – all programs can be loaded to the Arduino straight from the IDE.

LED Projects Archives

Single Projects

How to remotely enable/disable a LED on your Arduino using PHP and Processing

Morse Code - Encoder
If you made the first circuit, you may have quickly come up against the major flaw - you have to know Morse Code to use it. This project uses a simpler version of the same circuit and allows you to enter text to be encoded into Morse Code.

LESSON 15: Super Cool Arduino Color Sensor Project
http://www.toptechboy.com/arduino/lesson-15-super-cool-arduino-color-sensor-project/ This is an advanced project, but if you've done some of the others this very cool. Something to show off to people.