The Yśn CLI Tools
Date: 2015-01-01

The original Arduino Yśn uses a distro named Linino which is based on OpenWRT version of Linux. Linino in turn uses Busybox to handle many of the programs usually stored in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, & /usr/sbin. On Linino's website you'll find various kernel images, SDKs, toolchains, packages, and links to git hub are on this page.

Also, there are two github accounts worth knowing about

  1. The Arduino one, which has a Linino branch, openwrt branch, and a openwrt branch for packages .
  2. The Linino one, which has a Arduino branch, their own distro branch, with a branch for packages, and their version of uboot.

The Arduino openwrt branch for packages has a branch for languages which includes, but is not limited to, the following scripting languages:

A "C" compiler is not available, but can be added. However, most of the tools are built on cross-compilers, as is the normal practice. For shell scripting, the Busybox shell is ash, not sh, bash, csh, or tcsh; also env replaces printenv. Patch were applied to Busybox for use with OpenWRT. To login to the Linux side of the Yun use SSH. telnet(1) is disabled, but is available for those aware of the security issues. Many of the CLI tools are monolith utilities, that are symlinked to their appropriate basenames.

A man page for Busybox and it's utilites is here. It contains a complete list of the utilties it replicates.

A man page for ash is here, but it is not complete and is likely not in sync.

All utilities in /bin are monolith, except

All in /sbin are monolith, except

All in /usr/bin are monolith, except

All in /usr/sbin are monolith, except